Whistleblowing Statement

Tide is committed to conducting business with extremely high standards of professionalism and integrity, and we count on our employees and stakeholders to assist us in this important mission. It is essential to Tide that any wrongdoing at work is reported and adequately handled. Often the first people to know of any possible wrongdoing will be those who work for, or with, Tide, like our employees, contractors, partners, or vendors. Our Whistleblowing processes aim to promote a safe environment and culture and encourage our all stakeholders to raise concerns. We encourage our people to speak up and help us do the right thing.

We ensure our staff are properly trained in how to raise any wrongdoing and we provide different channels to raise their concerns. Tideans have several options for reporting internally, and they can choose the route which makes them feel most protected and safe.

People who are not working directly at Tide and do not have access to internal resources can also raise their concerns through the Whistleblowing Hotline service, managed by Lighthouse, where they can choose to remain anonymous.

Any matters can also be reported directly to the UK financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Tide will always ensure the whistleblower’s protection and does not tolerate any victimisation or acts of retaliation against those who raise concerns. By maintaining a supportive environment, we aim to promote a culture of transparency and trust and help our people to feel safe at work.