Business Fuel Cards

Simplify mileage and fuel expenses

  • The smart way to manage fuel costs for your business
  • Set spending limits and re-fuel anywhere
  • No more time consuming reimbursements or fuel receipts

Open a Tide business account and order Expense Cards in-app.

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Business fuel expenses made easy

Fuel cards for small businesses are an alternative way to pay for transport costs. Use Expense Cards for your team to simplify your fuel expense management.

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Keep track of costs

Get a real-time overview of your team’s fuel expenses

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Control team spend

Create and manage individual purchase limits

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Refuel nationwide

No restrictions on the fuel outlets you can use

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Streamline business expenses

No need for paper expense claims

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How do Tide Fuel Cards work?

Managing your fuel expenses with Tide couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Open your account and transfer funds

    Apply in minutes for a free Tide account, then add funds ready to buy fuel

  2. Add your team and order Expense Cards

    Give team members access and request their Expense Cards all in the Tide app

  3. Use your card anywhere

    Pay for petrol or diesel at 1000s of fuel outlets UK-wide - temporarily unavailable at Pay At Pump

  4. Take a pic of your receipt

    Upload it to the Tide app in seconds

  5. Simple expense management

    Keep track of team spending by card in the app

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Your all-in-one fuel expenses solution

Flexible solution for business fuel expenses

Expense Cards provide the ideal solution to manage business fuel costs.

  • Give your team flexibility to pay for petrol and diesel at any outlet of their choice
  • Take advantage of fuel savings by choosing where to buy your fuel (not currently available at Pay at Pump)
  • Track spending at a glance and sync with your accounting software
Categorised Spending Fuel Cards

Business Fuel Cards with spending limits

Keep a rein on expenses by setting spending limits for each team member. Or opt for no limit at all in the Tide app.

  • Give Expense Cards to each of your drivers
  • Control team spending by setting individual limits
  • Drivers can buy fuel without using cash or need for expense claims
Setting spending limits in app

No need for drivers to pay out of their own pocket

No more petty cash, or time-consuming expense claims!

  • Give your drivers flexibility to buy fuel without ending up out of pocket
  • Allow your team to include additional petty cash expenses accrued on the road
  • Use the handy notes feature within each transaction to add details of business mileage
Add Receipts in app

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Integrate Tide Fuel Cards with your accountancy software

Get the smart solution for your business expenses

Here at Tide, our mission is to save small businesses time and money on their finance admin.

  • Say goodbye to receipts and make paper expense claims a thing of the past
  • Empower your team with individual spend limits
  • Tide Expense Cards cost £5 per month + VAT
  • Order up to 50 cards depending on your business needs
    If you’ve opted for one of our paid account plans, then you can enjoy up to 3 free Expense Cards with our Plus, Pro and Cashback account plans respectively.

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Fuel Card FAQs

Keen to know more about how fuel cards work? Check out our FAQs below.

If my team use Tide Expense Cards as fuel cards, can I see how much they are spending?

Yes. With Tide Expense Cards, you stay in control. You can set and amend spending limits by card at any time and you can also view all transactions made on the cards in the Tide app. The receipt upload facility also means you can see at a glance where transactions have been made.

Are fuel cards a benefit in kind?

Use of a fuel card for business purposes is not classed as a taxable benefit and you won’t have to pay tax on a fuel card unless it is used to cover the cost of the fuel for personal travel.

How much does a fuel card cost?

You can order up to 50 Tide Expense Cards for your team at a cost of £5 + VAT per card.

How do I use a fuel card in the UK?

Instead of using cash or your own personal debit card and then having to recover the costs by submitting an expense claim, a fuel card is used to pay for fuel when you fill up a company vehicle at a petrol station or retailer. When you pay your transaction is automatically recorded and you can upload your receipt using the mobile app facility. This means that spending can be tracked and you do not have to pay out of your own pocket.

Are fuel cards worth it?

Fuel cards can save a small business time and money. They can give you the flexibility to buy fuel at outlets with the most competitive prices, as well as making expense management easier, as all transactions are itemised. You can also set spending limits and track expenditure by team member or driver.

Which petrol stations accept UK fuel cards?

Depending on the type, business fuel cards can be used at a huge range of fuel retailers throughout the UK, including national retail chains. Some are restricted to specific outlets, while others, like Tide Expense Cards, can be used at supermarket petrol stations, excluding Pay at Pump.

How can fuel cards benefit sole traders?

You may think fuel card services can only benefit larger companies, but they can also be valuable to sole traders and partnerships too. As well as saving you time on your finance admin by making expense management easier, they can also help with budgeting by ensuring all your purchases are itemised so you can keep track of your spending.

How can fuel cards help my small business?

Some of the benefits of using fuel cards can include:

– Allows drivers to buy fuel from retailers that have the cheapest petrol and diesel prices
– Setting individual spending limits
– Allocating separate cards to individual drivers
– Saving significant time on processing receipts

How do fuel cards work?

Company fuel cards work by removing the need for drivers to pay for fuel for company vehicles with personal cash or credit cards and then having to raise expense claims. Instead, fuel cards take the admin out of paying for company fuel expenses. They replace cash or debit cards and help small businesses save time with processing expense claims.

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