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Tide is revolutionising how small businesses manage their money admin. Since 2015, we’ve been designing a service from the ground up that takes the stress and paperwork out of business admin. Our mission is to create the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them to focus on building their businesses into something great, giving them back the time to do what they love.

Tide provides business current accounts and smart financial admin services to over 575,000 small-business owners through our mobile-first platform. We believe SMEs have been vastly under-serviced and overlooked by traditional banks, with something as simple as opening an account taking weeks, mountains of paperwork and too much time. Tide is here to change this.

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2015 Founded
575K+ Members
900+ Employees
£200M+ Funding

Tide office locations

Headquartered in central London, with offices in Sofia, Hyderabad, Delhi, Berlin and Belgrade.

London, UK

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hyderabad, India

Delhi, India

Belgrade, Serbia

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