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Accept card payments online the fast way with Payment Links

Help your customers make secure, remote online payments with Payment Links. Accept card payments online with Visa, Mastercard & Apple Pay. Enjoy low pricing with no hidden fees and get paid faster.

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Help your customers make online payments on the go

With Tide Payment Links, you’ll always be ready to take customer online card payments via Mastercard, Visa or Apple Pay. Get a flexible and fast payment solution with some of the lowest transaction fees around.

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Your smart online payment method

No need for your own website or online shop

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Create payment links in seconds

Send payment links to your customers directly from the app

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Keep track of online payments

Know when your customers have paid

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Take fast online customer card payments

Enjoy online payment processing times of just 1-3 business days

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Your all-in-one online payment solution for small businesses

Accept convenient online card payments using Mastercard, Visa or Apple Pay at any time, wherever you are. With no need for an online shop or website, they’re the fast and secure way to ensure you get paid faster.

Streamline your online card payment options

Tide Payment Links are the smart way to manage customer online card payments by Visa or Mastercard. Create and send links directly from the Tide app in Tools and Services or within the Invoicing feature.

  • Use with or without our Invoicing feature
  • Access your Payment Links dashboard in the app
  • View your customer payment history at a glance
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Create your secure link in seconds

Use the Tide app to create your own Payment Link. Create, check and send securely in less than a minute. All helping you to accept online card payments securely and quickly.

  • Enter the online payment total required and reason
  • Select Visa or Mastercard as the preferred online card payment method
  • Confirm your account details for receipt of payment

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Share and send secure links to your customers

Generate your own unique, secure link for each customer payment. Streamline your admin by sending links directly from the Tide app.

  • Create a secure individual payment link
  • Share with your customer by SMS or email
  • Manage payments on the go

Process online payments with ease

Save time on finance admin. Your customers will receive their own, secure link with everything they need to make an online card payment to you. They will be able to:

  • Check payment totals at a glance
  • Enter their Mastercard, Visa or Apple Pay details
  • Make payment in a single click

Get paid faster and track online payments

Make and accept payments on the go. Enjoy transaction fees as low as 1.5%*. Monitor which customers have paid and reduce payment times (According to Tide data, 72% of payment links get paid within 1 day)**.

  • *Pay just a 1.5% transaction charge for UK domestic consumer card payments (2.5% for all other card payments )
  • Receive payment usually within two business days, less the transaction fee***
  • Get notification when payments are made

*, ** and *** Full details can be found in the Payment Links terms and conditions

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The smart way to receive online payments in seconds

Here at Tide, we make your business our business. We’re all about supporting those who work for themselves. And our Payment Links feature does just that.

Not only does it provide you with a fast, hassle-free way to accept online card payments from your customers, but it gives you peace of mind as is safe and secure too. What’s more, ***payment processing times are only 1-3 business days and transaction fees are some of the lowest around. All saving you time and money so you can focus on what matters – running your business.


Our small business tips

Still have questions about online payments for customer cards? We’ve got you covered

Am I charged extra when my customer pays me with Google Pay?

There is no extra charge when accepting Google Pay with Tide Payment Links. You will be charged the standard transaction fee, which will be deducted from the payment before it enters your Tide account.

Are the credit and debit card numbers of my customers passed to me when they pay with Google Pay?

When your customers use Google Pay, Google Pay protects their payment info with multiple layers of security and doesn’t send their actual credit or debit card number with the payment. Instead, an encrypted virtual account number is used to represent their information – so the real card details stay safe.

How will I know that my transaction is subject to a limit?

If you attempt to process a transaction that  we have considered high-risk, the transaction will be declined and we will notify you immediately.

How can I help Tide verify my transactions?

Keeping evidence of the validity of your transactions is essential to helping us verify their security and lift any limits we’ve imposed.

To do this, we may request additional information, such as:

  •   A signed copy of the invoice
  •   A signed copy of the contract with your customer
  •   Proof of delivery of goods or services

We may also request other relevant documentation, including your customer’s contact details.

What is a high-risk transaction?

There are a number of different scenarios in which we might consider a transaction to be high-risk, including if:

  • you are new to Tide and we do not have a lot of processing history on your Tide Account
  • there are sudden changes in the volume or size of transactions you’re processing

What are transaction limits?

In certain situations, we may limit your ability to process transactions through Tide payment acceptance products. We impose these transaction limits to protect your Tide account, your customers and other Tide members from transactions that present an increased security risk.

What do the various onboarding status types on the Terms and Conditions page mean?

The meaning of the different status types is as follows:

  • Available – You will see this status if you have not yet been onboarded to use Payment Links
  • Pending – This means your onboarding process to use Payment Links is underway between Tide and our payment provider
  • Active – You’ll see this status when you have been successfully onboarded and Payment Links is available to use
  • Unavailable – If you see this status, it means that your member access has been deactivated, usually as a result of regulatory obligations that we have to comply with. Should this occur, then our Member Support team will work with you to resolve the issue.

What kind of payments can I accept with Tide Payment Links?

Payments made by Card (Visa, Mastercard debit and credit cards) and Apple Pay (Visa & Mastercard debit and credit cards) are accepted. However, we plan to include more payment methods in the future.

Is there a minimum or maximum payment amount per transaction?

There is a maximum transaction value of £5,000 per payment link. There is also a weekly limit of £20,000, as well as a monthly limit of £30,000. The minimum amount is just £5.

In which currencies can I accept payments?

At present, although payments can be made using cards issued outside of the UK, payments can only be made in GBP for Tide Payment Links. However, we plan to extend the feature to include other currencies in the future.

How do I check if a payment amount has been added to my Tide Business Bank Account?

You can check your Tide account at any time and you will also receive notifications on your mobile device. 

How can I access funds once the payment is processed?

The amount will be directly credited to your Tide Business Bank Account within 3 working days. No action is required from you. You can check your Tide account at any time and you will also receive notifications related to payment and settlements on your mobile device. 

What is the Transaction fee and how is it charged?

There are certain costs incurred by Tide at the time of processing a payment link transaction and a fee is charged relating to your account. Our fees incorporate costs to us such as interchange, scheme fees and payment processing fees. The fees are automatically deducted from your Payout amount. From time to time, we may offer time-limited promotional Fee discounts, so please make sure to read any notices we give you regarding such promotional terms. We may withdraw or change promotional offers at any time.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback happens when your customer disputes a card payment made using Tide Payment Links. It can be for either the full or partial amount of a transaction. If a chargeback request is raised by the customer, the money will be subtracted from your merchant account.

It is possible to challenge a chargeback. To do this, you will need to provide all necessary supporting information to Tide Member Support within the agreed timelines. Please refer to the Tide Payment Links T&Cs for further details.

What are chargeback timelines?

When Tide receives a chargeback request relating to your account, we will contact you by email or in app support and deduct the chargeback amount from your pending payout or directly from the Tide business account. If you would like to defend the chargeback, please reply to your in app message or email within 15 calendar days.

What are the guidelines to upload supporting documents for chargeback?

To defend a chargeback claim on your account, there are guidelines to upload documents.

  • Proof of Transaction: for example, Proof Of Delivery, Invoice
  • Documents must be in English.
  • Acceptable formats and file sizes are JPG, TIFF (max. 10MB) or PDF (max. 2MB).
  • For best results, the original document should either be A4 (21 x 29.7cm) or US Letter (8.5 x 11″).

What type of documents can be sent to support chargeback?

Tide needs certain documents to review and support your claim relating to your account.

Services not provided/Merchandise not received

The payer claims that merchandise or services that you provided were not received or not received on time.

To defend against this dispute you must provide:


  • Description of the goods.
  • Signed proof of delivery, and AVS match.
  • Communication where the cardholder confirms possession of the goods.
  • Explanation why shipment was delayed.

Digital Goods:

  • Confirmation email.
  • Description of the digital goods and the date and time they were purchased and downloaded.
  • Record of previous non-disputed payments.


  • Confirmation email.
  • Proof that the cardholder received the service at the agreed date and time.
  • Communication with the cardholder after the payment.

Cancelled merchandise/services

The payer’s bank received a notice from the payer stating that they returned merchandise or cancelled services, but the credit has not appeared on the payer’s statement.

To defend against this dispute you must provide:

Merchandise / Digital Goods:

  • Copy of invoice / confirmation email.
  • Proof that the cardholder received your cancellation or return policy and did not cancel according to the disclosed policy.
  • Proof that the cardholder initially received the merchandise, and did not return the merchandise.
  • Proof that cardholder has not contacted you to solve the issue.


  • Copy of invoice / confirmation email.
  • Demonstrate that the cardholder received your cancellation or return policy and did not cancel according to the disclosed policy.
  • Proof that cardholder has not contacted you to cancel the service.

Goods not as described/defective

The payer claims the goods were not as described or disputes the quality of the merchandise or services.

To defend against this dispute you must provide:


  • Proof that the cardholder has not contacted you to solve the issue or returned the merchandise.
  • Evidence to prove that the merchandise was as described or was not damaged or defective.
  • If the merchandise was replaced/repaired, provide a signed proof of delivery.
  • Email communication with the cardholder.

Digital Goods:

  • Proof that the cardholder has not contacted you to solve the issue.
  • Evidence to prove that the merchandise was as described or was not damaged or defective.


  • Proof that the cardholder has not contacted you to solve the issue.
  • Evidence to prove that the service was as described.

Counterfeit merchandise

The merchandise was identified as counterfeit by the customer or a third party, for example, a customs agency.

To defend against this dispute you must provide:

Merchandise / Digital Goods / Services:

  • Copy of invoice.
  • Neutral third-party opinion.
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Misrepresentation of the purchased good and/or service

The payer claims that the terms of sales (Terms and Conditions) were misrepresented.

To defend against this dispute you must provide:

Merchandise / Digital Goods / Services:

  • Proof that your Terms and Conditions were clearly communicated before the transaction was processed.
  • Proof that the cardholder acknowledged your Terms and Conditions (for example, a screenshot of the checkout page of your website showing that the cardholder accepted the Terms and Conditions by selecting a checkbox before proceeding to the payment).

How can I avoid a chargeback request?

The best way to avoid chargebacks is to ensure you know your customers well and exchange clear communications with them.

Other top tips include:

  • Make sure the description of the goods and services you provide are clear and there is no room for them to be misinterpreted.
  • When a sale is made, make sure all your communication is clear and replies to your customers are sent promptly.

How will I be charged for a chargeback request?

There is a £10 fee to have a chargeback request investigated and processed, irrespective of outcome. This is because a separate investigation will be carried out for each request.  The fee will be debited from your Tide merchant account when a chargeback request is received.

How do I know if I received a chargeback request?

If you have received a chargeback, then our Member Support team will contact you by email to advise you of this and to explain how you can dispute it, as well as what documentation you will need to provide. 

Will I be charged for a refund and how long does it take for a refund to reach my customer?

It takes on average 3-5 working days for your customer to receive a refund. You will not be charged for a refund, but when you refund a payment to a customer, the fees paid on the original transaction will not be refunded to you. 

Is a partial refund possible for completed & settled transactions?

A partial refund is not possible under any circumstances.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Yes, paying with Apple Pay is safer than using cash or a debit, credit or prepaid card. This is because every time your customers use Apple Pay to pay for something, the system uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code. The card number is never stored on the payee’s device or on Apple’s servers, and never shared with you as the merchant. You will only receive information you need to authorise to fulfil the order — such as your customer’s name, amount, payment mode, etc.

Apple Pay also keeps all purchases private. When your customer pays via Apple Pay, Apple doesn’t keep transaction information that can link the purchase back to your customer.

What are the limitations of using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay payment method is only available on Apple devices and Safari browsers. Please also note that through Apple Pay you can only accept VISA and Mastercard debit and credit card payments.

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